Are you ready for the hiking challenge?

enjoy the outdoors, feel each step, take oxygen. hiking brings us closer to the essence of small things. Walking on foot trails and paths on the mountain can become an incredible experience. just you, nature and your desire to discover new routes.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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hiking or hiking, what is this sport?

hiking consists of walking routes, trails and paths through the mountain or the countryside. This sport modality can be practiced at any time of the day, alone or accompanied and in any physical condition, so you don't need to be an expert to enjoy and live this sport! Yes, if you are a beginner we recommend you to start hiking on short and low difficulty routes and go little by little by increasing the length and complexity of the exit. besides preventing injuries, it will be a high for your motivation to notice that you progress day by day.

one of the key features of the trail running is the uneven and unpredictable terrain you face in every exit or race: mud, grass, type of steep terrain and even streams and streams. another particularity is at the bottom of the route, with steep climbs and abrupt descents.

one of the key features of hiking is its accessibility. Almost all the municipalities and spider provinces have hiking trails where they can practice and, by the way, discover natural treasures in your surroundings that you did not know. you will only have to search in google: “king trail near me”.

hiking is a sport for all, men and women of any age. a perfect activity to perform alone, with friends or with the family. Have you chosen your next adventure?

hiking vs. trekking

What is the difference between hiking and trekking? fundamentally the terrain and rhythm. trekking, also known as hiking, is a sport that is practiced in nature by isolated and unmarked areas, where there can even be no path or path. As a result, a good physical condition and an excellent concentration is required during the activity.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is to be in contact with nature in a more playful and safe way, hiking is the best choice.

how to start hiking

hiking is a sport that can practice anyone. If you get the physical activity, breathe pure air and enjoy the spectacular natural landscapes that we have the luck of having in spider, this sport will love you.

Once you do your first hiking route, you won't want to leave it. Do you dare try it? Great! but be sure to go well equipped with the best hiking equipment.

Hiking t-shirts

the essentials for hiking

enjoying the mountain is a luxury, but if we want to experience 100% and that nothing interrupts the hiking route, you must make yourself with suitable, comfortable and resistant mountain clothes.GrifoneWe have prepared a list with the sports equipment that any beginner or expert hikers should have in their wardrobe, starting with proper hiking clothing.

hiking clothing

hiking trousers, thermal t-shirts, hiking poles, hiking t-shirts, hiking jackets... there are more and more types of clothes and sporting items for hiking. be the model, there are four key elements that should have any hiking equipment:


adapt to the changing climate of the mountain.


made with high quality materials and resistance.


allow breath and freedom of movement.


bend to the silhouette for maximum comfort.

other basic hiking accessories

In addition to hiking clothing, it is important to complete our team with a series of items that provide us safety and comfort in our march on the mountain, such as walking sticks, hiking sunglasses that protect you from the sun's rays or a trekking vest to stay well hydrated throughout the walk.

complete your equipment with a light walking backpack, a trekking belt or a mountain ridge where you can transport your personal items during the route.

inGrifonewe have the best products for hiking. all one-click hiking. buy online hiking clothing inGrifone.


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