Get ready for trekking adventure!

Do you get the challenges?Want to explore natural paths, mountains, forests, rivers and even jungles andenjoy the natural environment in pure state.And why not? camp in nature to live this experience to the maximum. in trekking the limits you mark.

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outstanding trekking

What is trekking?

trekking, also known as hiking, consists of walking through isolated natural places and areas where there is no previous path made and marked. in this adventure sport contact with nature is full:. read more to reach peaks, reach the birth of a river, observe animals in their natural environment or enter into forests and forests. Any reason is good to start a new adventure!

These walks can last hours or prolong for days, so hikers usually spend the night in a shelter or sleep in their tent in the middle of nature. with trekking will come to light your most adventurous self, you will be able to strengthen teamwork and strengthen ties with the people who accompany you on your way out.

to practice trekking you need to have a good physical condition that allows you to endure long walks on uneven and unpredictable terrain by loading a team behind your back. This is why, to make a safe trekking route, you need to have a good specific equipment for this sport, such as a suitable trekking footwear (botas, sandals, slippers...), trekking sticks, vests and other technical clothing.

hiking vs. trekking

Senderism and trekking have the same meaning? they may seem like similar sports, but nothing further than reality. it is true that both are considered activities. read more outdoors to get in direct contact with nature, but it is not the same to climb a mountain or go through a forest following an already established route to do so when there is no created path. this is the main difference between trekking and hiking.

On the other hand, in addition to having a good physical condition, it is essential to maintain a high level of concentration throughout the walk. if what you are looking for is an activity that allows you to be in contact with nature, but quietly, we recommend hiking.

how to start at the trekking

trekking is an adventure sport in which you will overcome your own limits, achieve personal goals and meet challenges at every exit. if you get the adventure, nature and extreme sensations, this sport is for you. read more

But remember, you have to have a minimum of preparation before you go for your first route. Be sure to be in good shape, enjoy the places, trekking routes and natural parks that you will travel in order to walk safely and take with you the appropriate sports equipment with the best trekking items.

trekking t-shirts

basic equipment for trekking

Let nothing prevent you from reaching the highest! to avoid setbacks in the midst of your adventure, make sure to take with you thetechnical clothing and trekking equipmentsuitable for your next challenge.

inGrifoneWe have prepared a list with the basic sports equipment that every trekking fan needs to have in his closet. Whether you are professional or beginner, these are the essentials that will make your route much easier, starting with trekking clothes.

trekking clothes for men and women

feather jackets, trekking cotton t-shirts, short sweatshirts or trekking short trousers. you will find a variety of technical clothes to practice trekking, different models and colors.Did you know that inGrifoneDo we have clothes with antimosquito treatment?

theory of the three layers of clothing

choose the best garment for each layer.

Thus we find thermal t-shirts or meshes of men and women thermals. for the second layer you will find trekking sweatshirts, mountain trousers or thermal trekking jackets to keep the heat.

Finally, raincoats or down jackets protect us from inclement weather.

1st layer

clothing at this level should bebreathableallowing the sweat to go outside and dry quickly.

2nd layer

in this layer the clothes serve as a coat, making thebody heatDon't escape.

3rd layer

protects us from the outside, avoiding thatto rain, snow or windpenetrate into our body.

other basic trekking accessories

In addition to trekking clothes, we must complete the equipment with a series of items that provide us with the safety necessary to walk and guide us in nature, such as trekking sticks, sunglasses to protect yourself from the uv solar rays, a trekking rinser to carry small products or a backpack to avoid dehydration during the entire journey.

inGrifonewe have the bestproducts for trekking. buy your trekking equipment at the online shopGrifone.


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