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Are you ready for the trail running challenge?

running by nature is a fascinating experience. be able to breathe pure air, connect with your mind and body, discover new routes every day and feel nature closer than ever. and the best thing is that it is not necessary to be an expert to enjoy and live this sport.

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What is the trail running?

the trail running consists of running in full nature, more specifically on the mountain. can be practiced both during the day and at night. read more the route running nocturnal mode and is not exclusive to the high mountain, but can be practiced perfectly by trails, secondary roads and mountains.

one of the key features of the trail running is the uneven and unpredictable terrain you face in each race: mud, grass, type of steep terrain and even streams and streams. another particularity is at the bottom of the route, with steep climbs and abrupt descents.

in the trail running you don't always have to run, being able to combine the march with the run and the race. you can adapt the step depending on the difficulty of the journey, the inclination of the terrain, your physical capacity and/or your energy on that day.

This is the best thing to run by nature, which always surprises you with different variants and every day becomes a new challenge. It is a very complete sport, for men and women, to practice alone or in company, with which to connect with nature and with oneself. Once you start, you won't want to leave.

running vs. trail running

running around the mountain is a very different experience than doing it by asphalt and the main difference we find it on the ground. the asphalt is smooth, without. read more barely changes in inclination or incidence. On the contrary, in the trail running the terrain is unexpected and much more arduous.

Therefore, if you come from the world of running, it is important that you do not compare your running marks at the time of running on the mountain, as the conditions are totally different and the results will also be different.

how to start on the trail running

If you are passionate about nature and you get to feel alive and be active, this sport will love you. Running through the mountain requires more physical effort and. reading more surely also mental, but the most important thing is to have motivation and much desire. to this we must add a good capacity of concentration, quite prudence and a proper sports equipment.

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